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Epicyn™ Advanced Scar Management Hydrogel



Epicyn™ Pack & TubeEpicyn™ is a topically applied wound and scar treatment containing Medical Grade Silicone and an antimicrobial Microcyn™ Technology gel. In trials it has shown to be 40% superior to the current Gold Standard Treatment for scars.

EZbra Breast Dressing


EZbra was designed by a woman like you who has gone through breast surgery. It provides significant medical benefits, reducing the risk of skin injury due to adhesive dressings and supporting drainage and compression requirements for post-op breast care. EZbra is an absorbent, non-adhesive garment giving support and compression where it is needed. It is easy to change and can be applied in the home in minutes and is disposable. EZbra is tailored to your unique needs so you can be assured of a perfect fit.