Juvilis Antiaging Lifting and Protecting Day Lotion



Anti-aging Lifting Protecting Day Lotion

With the Absorbable Filler Tricalcium Phosphate (Phosphatrans®)

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♥ Firms the skin and smoothes wrinkles

♥ Erases signs of aging and illuminates the skin

♥ Fights against free radicals and oxidation


Juvilis provides a lifting and protective skin rejuvenating day lotion. It contains the exclusive absorbable transdermal filler Phosphatrans®, which delivers the active ingredients deeper than ever into the skin, allowing for a much greater absorption and efficacy. A polyactive, moisturising, anti-fatigue and anti-oxidant formula, for an outstanding youthful skin.


Apply a pea-size amount of the lotion in the morning to a cleansed face. Massage in upward circles until it is completely absorbed. Protective SPF can be applied immediately after application of the Day Lotion.


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