Perspi-Rock Natural Deodorant Stone (Stick)

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Perspi-Rock will provide deodorising antibacterial protection for around 12 hrs.

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What is Perspi-Rock Natural Mineral deodorant?

Known as ‘Tawas’ crystals on the Asian Continent, these natural mineral salt crystals have been used for hundreds of years and provide effective protection from sweat for 24hrs.

Who is this product for?

If you are cautious about putting harsh deodorants on your skin Perspi-Rock is the product for you. It contains no chemicals or aluminum and is 100% natural. It is also great if you are traveling and want a natural deodrant that lasts. Perspi-Rock H2o can be refilled as often as 5 times, so effectively you get five bottles of deodorant from one purchase.

How does it work?

Perspi-Rock covers the skin in a microscopic layer of mineral salt which will not clog pores, but gives effective safe protection from sweat and odour. This form of deodorant works to neutralize the body-odour causing bacteria produced when we sweat.
Perspi-Rock™ H20 is a 100% natural body deodorant spray that is refillable up to 5 times!
Simply add water to the natural crystal rocks within the pump spray bottle to create an effective, all natural deodorant that is safe to use all over the body. When it is empty, top it up with water and use it again!

Our Promise to You

• No Chemicals
• No Aluminium
• Just 100% Natural Mineral Salt

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