Advazorb Areola – Nipple Shaped Absorbent Dressing


Advazorb Areola is an innovative dressing designed by physicians for use as a post-breast surgery dressing, where the Areola (nipple) is involved. The dressing consists of Advazorb hydrophilic foam for absorption of fluids, Silfix® soft silicone adhesion, for gentle but effective adhesion with atraumatic (pain-free) removal and a 1.2cm aperture (hole) that can be increased for the larger nipple for comfort and ease of use.

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The challenge of dressing the breast that Clinicians are often faced with is trying to create their own breast dressing from a patchwork of square dressings that do not conform to the shape of the breast. This is particularly difficult when the nipple is involved due to the sensitivity of the nipple.

Advazorb Areola is the ideal choice post-op breast surgery around the nipple and for:

  • Mastopexy Breast reduction
  • Nipple reconstruction
  • Breast augment through areola incision
  • Gynaecomastia Other Nipple / Areola surgery

Three layers of performance

  1. Comfortable, absorbent foam with nipple hole (1.2cm plus incisions) to prevent nipple pressure. Incisions ensure the hole suits larger nipple sizes. Dressing width 12.7cm.
  2. Low friction backing Increases ‘wearability’ and prevents uncomfortable snagging on clothes
  3. Silfix® soft silicone adhesive for easy placement and replacement with Atraumatic (pain free) removal

Advazorb Areola is the result of a collaboration with Nottingham University Hospitals and Nottingham Breast Institute to fulfil a very specific need – a protective and secure breast dressing. Advazorb Areola combines Silfix® soft silicone with conformable, absorbent foam to deliver excellent patient comfort, effective exudate management, secure fixation and atraumatic removal.

The Silfix® soft silicone ensures that the dressing does not stick to the wet surface of a wound bed or cause trauma to delicate new tissue upon dressing removal. This is particularly suited to the area around the nipple and those patients with delicate skin.


The protective and secure breast dressing developed with clinicians

  • Advazorb Areola is a single dressing that replaces the ‘patchwork’ dressings currently used
  • Low friction backing to prevent uncomfortable snagging on clothes
  • Reduced dressing time and other patient discomforts
  • Central hole to prevent pressure on the nipple for more comfort which can be adjusted to accommodate larger nipples
  • Designed for patient comfort
  • Silfix® soft silicone adhesive for atraumatic removal

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