Actilite Dressings


Manuka honey enriched dressing to promote healing. (10 Pack)

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What is Actilite Dressing?

An antibacterial dressing with manuka honey oil and Activon honey (Activon+).
It is easy to apply over the wound and will easily adhere to surrounding dry skin but will not stick to the wound.

Who is this product for?

This product is best used by a medical or healthcare professional.

How does it work?

Manuka honey with a unique manuka factor greater than 10 is suitable for the treatment of wounds. It is important that the honey used is of medical grade quality as distinct from honey for eating. Medical Grade Manuka honey has been sterilised for use on open cuts and wounds and reduces the potential of introducing bacteria to the wound.
Manuka honey has other beneficial properties in relation to wound healing. By osmotic action it maintains the wound area moist and also removes excessive moisture allowing the bodies own healing to take place. By changing the Ph of the wound area to slightly acidic it enhances wound healing by releasing extra oxygen to the damaged area. Honey removes impediments to wound healing by acting as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and stimulates the bodies own immune activity.

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5cm x 5cm Pack of 10, 10cm x 10cm Pack of 10, 10cm x 20cm Pack of 10, 20cm x 30cm Pack of 10, 30cm x 30cm Pack of 5, 30cm x 60xm Pack of 5


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