Aldanex® Skin & Incontinent Cleanser


Aldanex® Skin & Incontinent Cleanser in a in a 237ml dual delivery bottle applied as a spray or foam.



Aldanex® Skin & Incontinent Cleanser is a pH-neutral liquid skin cleanser in a dual delivery spray container, allowing the product to be applied as a spray or as a foam. It shares many of the same ingredients with Aldanex® Skin Protectant and has been designed for the day to day washing of patients with incontinence problems and/or pressure ulcers (up to category 2). It is particularly suitable as a pre-treatment before applying Aldanex® Skin Protectant.

Aldanex® Skin & Incontinent Cleanser is available in a propellant-free spray bottle allowing the cleanser to be applied simply, measured and without adding water in either foam or spray form. After cleansing, the product can be effortlessly removed with the aid of a disposable towel or washcloth.

Both Aldanex® products are free from toxic or otherwise harmful ingredients and are environmentally friendly.

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