Aldanex Silicone Skin Barrier Gel


Aldanex is a novel barrier cream for the prevention of skin damage due to incontinence, very effective in preventing “nappy rash” and relieving pain and discomfort for the baby.




Aldanex is used in the prevention and treatment of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (Nappy Rash) (IAD), Peri-Wound Maceration, Pressure Ulcer (Up to Grade 2) and Intertrigo.
Aldanex is a Clinically and Cost Effective silicon based-barrier cream.
Aldanex is indicated for the preventative care of intact or injured skin associated with incontinence (IAD). In addition Aldanex can be incorporated into a preventative skin care regimen for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to Grade 2. Aldanex aids in moisturising the skin and protects severely dry skin. Additionally Aldanex is an effective barrier gel protecting peri-wound skin from maceration as a result of excessive wound exudate. Aldanex can be used in the protection of the skin around wound drains, supra pubic catheters, tracheotomy and nasal cannula sites. Aldanex is also an effective treatment for Intertrigo.

Aldanex is available in an 85 gram tube.


Squeeze a small quantity of Aldanex (“Pea” size portion) from the tube onto a finger and apply this in the middle of the skin area you want to treat or protect. Gently and evenly distribute the Aldanex onto the skin. Do this in a circular motion from the centre outwards (avoid zig-zagging).

How to apply Aldanex Biofact 

Additional information

Dimensions5 × 5 cm

115gm, 85gm

Pack Size

1, 12


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