Siltape -soft silicone perforated tape


A soft silicone fixation tape delivered on a handy roll with perforations for ease of use, no scissors are required. Siltape® can be used in any situation where a regular adhesive tape would be used. It is particularly useful where very friable, delicate or sensitive skin is an issue. It is ideal for use on paediatric and neonatal skin.


Siltape is made from soft silicone adhesive (Sifix™ Technology) and is very gentle on the skin. This is particularly useful in patients with very thin, friable skin which is vulnerable to damage by the stripping of other adhesive tapes. Silicone does not cell strip in the same way that other adhesives may damage tissue.

Siltape is a perfect solution to taping down eyelids for theatre. Glue based tapes are often used, these can be painful to remove and in some cases cause tissue damage or pull out eyelashes.

Siltape is ideal for protecting friable tissue from pressure damage or sores from tubing; this is especially useful on the face and tops of ears. Siltape can be applied directly to the skin as a protection and tubing such as a gastric or oxygen tube placed on top. Siltape can also be used for scar management.


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