EZbra Breast Dressing


EZbra was designed by a woman like you who has gone through breast surgery. It provides significant medical benefits, reducing the risk of skin injury due to adhesive dressings and supporting drainage and compression requirements for post-op breast care. EZbra is an absorbent, non-adhesive garment giving support and compression where it is needed. It is easy to change and can be applied in the home in minutes and is disposable. EZbra is tailored to your unique needs so you can be assured of a perfect fit.



EZbra®, Sterile, Disposable, Advanced Breast Dressing

Every year, 13 MILLION breast procedures are performed worldwide yet there is NO STANDARD OF CARE for post-op breast dressings. Today, patients are being treated with assorted products to meet all of their recovery needs. EZbra® was designed to address all of those needs in one designated product.



How to Apply EZbra®



EZbra® Defines A New Standard of Care in post-op breast care.

Sterile, absorbing and elastic advanced breast dressing


  Controlled Compression – 

Adjust various compression levels to fit each patient specific needs


Tailor-Made to Physician’s Demands –

Allowing individual design of the breast and definition of breast folds


Recover With Dignity –

Patient-Independent dressing changes, for discrete use and an elegant and feminine look.


Easy Application –

Easy and fast dressing post-op, designed to reduce Operation Room time and recurring clinic visits

Drain Management

Stabilizing drain tubes and holding drain bulbs



Low adherent, sterile and absorbing multilayer occlusive dressing



Adhesive Free

Not made from natural rubber latex or adhesives. Made to reduce allergic reactions and medical adhesive skin injuries




For more information on EZbra please click here EZbra Introduction booklet

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