For the treatment of all acute & chronic wounds, ulcers, cuts, abrasions and burns. Microdacyn Wound Care Solution & Microdacyn Hydrogel are effective and easy to use. 

Microdacyn®moistens, accelerates healing, is highly antimicrobial, anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory.

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In 2004 “Sonoma Pharmaceuticals” USA (formerly known as “Oculus Innovative Sciences”) was the first company to introduce a revolutionary stable and patented HOCL (hypochlorous acid) formulation in a bottle.

Today “Microdacyn60® Wound Care” with Microcyn® technology occupies a prominent position within the range of Wound Hygiene Products

“Microdacyn60® Wound Care” is evidence based, Stable, Safe & Effective HOCL Technology

Microcyn Technology is a technology with a ‘triple mode of action’. The technology fights infections and inflammation and it stimulates the body to perform its own healing process.

Microdacyn60® is not just another Antiseptic Cleanser or Wound Hygiene Product. Treating infections is not our only goal. Microdacyn60® is used in the treatment of wounds where our aim is to heal as quickly as possible. Infection control is just one aspect that leads to wound closure. However, the question is whether an Antiseptic will contribute to faster healing? All Antiseptics may be able to kill microorganisms, but not all Antiseptics will contribute to an optimum wound bed. Well…Microcyn technology does!

Microdacyn60® is Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory and promotes fibroblast migration which leads to accelerated wound healing. Well…Microcyn technology stimulates the body’s own healing processes.

The Benefits of Mycrodacyn60

Manage the Infection

Aggressive Application in Wound Bed Cleansing


Spray Microdacyn60 directly into the wound ensuring its well saturated. Clean, irrigate and debride using Microdacyn60 as your progress to ensure the wound is well prepped for dressing.

Apply 10cm to 20cm to the surrounding skin of the wound (peri-wound area). Clean from the wound outwards. No need to wash off Microdacyn60.

Penetrate the Biofilm

All Chronic / Non-healing / High-Risk Wounds


Apply gauze or bandages saturated in Microdacyn60 onto a clean &/or debrided wound bed for 3 to 10 minutes. The HOCL will penetrate the biofilm rapidly killing the microbes from within.

Reduce the Microbial Load

Must be achieved for the wound to progress


Aggressively treating the wound bed applying Microdacyn60 every 24-36 hours until the infection is managed and healing progress is achieved

Every Application Helps 

Reduce inflammation & promote blood flow


Every application of Microdacyn60 can provide additional reductions in inflammation and increased oxygen supply to promote faster wound healing.

Microdacyn60 is pH neutral, non-irritating and non-cytotoxic solution that’s gently applied to even the most delicate wounds & human anatomy


Acute Wounds

  1. Spray Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution directly onto/into the wound. Apply enough so that the area is completely saturated and leave for 15-30 seconds.

  2. Spray Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution onto a sterile gauze or cloth and use it to thoroughly clean the wound area, and around the wound being sure to clean out any debris in the wound itself.

  3. Leave the area to dry and apply a dressing and/or bandage if required. Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution is compatible with all dressing and bandage types.

  4. Wound cleansing with Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution can be repeated up to 3 times a day if required.

  5. Continue to apply Microdacyn60 until the wound has closed and is healed

Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution should not be used in conjunction with other wound cleansers or creams and is designed to be used on its own.

Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution is non-toxic and can safely be used in sensitive areas such as around the eyes and mouth.

Microdacyn60® can be broadly applied within as part of a comprehensive wound treatment programme.

Practical Tip: Use Microdacyn60® Wound Care Solution to soften and loosen dressing and bandages during their removal and redressing.

Microdacyn60 can aggressively reduce microbes in seconds, improve the wounds microcirculatory environment & penetrate biofilms rapidly to kill from within

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